2016 New York Insomnia Awareness Symposium: How To Help Someone With This Sleep Disorder

Functions that are similar to the  2016 New York Insomnia Awareness Symposium have a common objective of helping people overcome this kind of sleep disorder.  It is not a deadly ailment like cancer or diabetes, but it can be as debilitating as such conditions. After all, your ability to move and think tends to slow down when you lack sleep. The opportunities that should be open to you go to other people with more energy than you.

Thus, in case you know someone with insomnia, and he or she is too exhausted to attend conferences like that, here’s what you should do.

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1. Understand The Symptoms

When dealing with an insomniac person, remember that it is not enough to learn about the signs of the disorder. You see, they have a close resemblance to the symptoms of depression, e.g., feeling hopeless, lack of focus, and irritability. Because of that, once the individual starts acting up, you should know better than to retaliate if the individual exhibits such traits. He or she will mellow at some point – just give him or her time to sleep.

2. Encourage The Person To Open Up

You also take a positive step forward by encouraging someone with a sleep disorder to talk about its possible causes. Some people stay restless at night since they have spent the previous nights playing video games or completing graveyard shift. Others possibly develop it either because their co-sleeper snores or they are often disturbed by outside noises. The problem may only be resolved once you manage to make the person open up about it.

Source: unsplash.com

3. Ask The Individual To Get Professional Help

The worst-case scenario for folks with insomnia is that they become unable to work or socialize due to lack of sleep. When your loved one reaches that situation, you should coax him or her to meet a general practitioner immediately. The medical professional can offer further guidance on how to overcome this disorder than you can find online, after all. It does not always entail that you will need to take sleeping pills either, considering that’s what worries the person.


Insomnia is a condition that has no known cure even to this day. If you support an individual with this problem, though, you may be able to help him lessen the symptoms. Good luck!