Bedtime Snacks For People With Insomnia


Are you experiencing difficulties when it comes to sleeping? Do you find it hard to follow a bedtime schedule? Are you aware that you can solve your insomnia-related problems with some snacks? In this article, we are going to list down the several kinds of food that you can enjoy to help you doze off quickly. Fortunately, these bedtime snacks contain the right amount of substances that can bring you to sleep as soon as possible:


Milk And Cheese (With Crackers)

Dairy products can help you sleep comfortably due to the presence of calcium. It helps the brain process the tryptophan that is found in these items. As a result, the brain can release more melatonin that can trigger sleepiness. Aside from this, calcium is also famous for regulating muscle movements. With the right amount of supply of this chemical, you can fight insomnia. Calcium is available in yogurt, cheese, and milk.


Green Vegetables


If you have a hard time getting yourself to sleep every night, the best thing to do is to change your diet. Try to change the meals that you are going to have for dinner. According to experts, eating salad dishes can speed up your bedtime. They also added that lettuce is the best vegetable to eat because it has lactucarium. This chemical contains sedative properties that can affect the brain in a similar way that opium does.


Pretzels And Corn Chips

Be sure to store some foods that have a high glycemic index, such as pretzels and corn chips. These snacks can lead to a natural increase in the sugar found in your blood. As a result, it also increases the insulin level. Because of this, you are going to feel a little bit sleepy after eating them. However, keep in mind that having high insulin levels at all times is not healthy at all. It can lead to severe medical problems such as diabetes.


Cherry Juice


One glass of this kind of juice could help you sleep faster.  In a study conducted at the University of Rochester, cherries are rich in chemicals that can boost melatonin. This means that you no longer need to buy melatonin pills just to send you to sleep. Your body already has it. All that you need to do is to indulge in a glass of cherry juice before your bedtime. The researchers also said that the body starts to produce melatonin around nine in the evening.



These snacks contain a high level of magnesium. As you probably know, this chemical is necessary to get quality sleep. Take note that when your body has a low level of magnesium, you have a higher tendency of experiencing sleep problems. Luckily, you can munch on some almonds during your bedtime just to make sure that you get more magnesium in your system.


Do not forget to remember the snacks listed in this article. You have to eat some of these to fight insomnia. Enjoy your favorite food while helping your body get enough rest for the night.