Is Coffee Keeping You Up All Night?

Drinking coffee is probably one of the things that you enjoy doing every day. Having caffeine in your system can make you more productive for a given day. However, there are times when you wish coffee has no effects at all especially if you are trying to get a good sleep. Worry no more since you can still sleep soundly at night without giving up coffee.


Below are some of the tips and tricks that you could use so that you can still get the right amount of sleep you deserve despite your love for coffee.

The effects of caffeine can last for several hours, often creating a feeling of being wired or on edge, which can impact some people’s ability to fall asleep. — Megan MacCutcheon, LPC

  1. Find The Right Time To Drink It. Do you know that a person could feel the effects of caffeine only after fifteen minutes from the time of coffee consumption? Once you have caffeine in your body, expect it to last for at least six hours. This means that you have to avoid drinking coffee in the afternoon if you are planning to sleep early for that night. Otherwise, you will find a hard time sleeping.


  1. Drink Lots Of Water. If you are a coffee-lover, then be sure to neutralize the caffeine in your body by drinking water. According to research, a person needs to drink at least eight glasses of water. However, if you are the type who drinks at least one cup of coffee a day, then the recommended level is around ten glasses a day. Make it a daily habit so that you would avoid dehydration.

Caffeine, especially in large amounts, can trigger anxiety and ratchet up stress. It exacerbates both mental and physical indicators of anxiety, including an elevated heart rate, rise in blood pressure and a worried, racing, overstimulated mind. — Michael J Breus Ph.D.

  1. Choose Low Acid Coffee. Are you aware that one of the possible effects of coffee is acid ingestion? The most common term for this kind of medical condition is heartburn or acid influx. This usually happens when the acid in your stomach goes to your food pipe. When this happens, there is a high tendency that you would have difficulty in sleeping. As such, it is highly recommended to go for coffee beans that are low in acidity.


  1. Keep Your Smartphone Away. When you are going to sleep, the best thing to do is to keep your phone away. Do not bring it into your bed as it can make you experience more difficulty in going to sleep. Fortunately, you are the master of your thoughts. Hence, even if you have caffeine in your body, you still can summon your thoughts into believing that sleep is still possible. To make things easier on your part, do not go online or play games via your phone during sleeping time.


While coffee may be a good source of spiking up your energy levels, it is still better to take it in moderation. Do not abuse your body by taking too much caffeine. Take note that you need to get the right amount of sleep every night. Otherwise, you will only end up being cranky and moody the following day. Just follow the tips presented above, and you will still succeed in getting a good night sleep even if you are a coffee lover.

It may seem like you’ll never have a good night’s sleep again, but there is hope. Addressing the root causes of sleep problems and enlisting support can lead to better sleep. — Lauren Woolley, PhD