How Insomnia Can Destroy Your Body


The 2017 Scottsdale Conference talked about many things, and one of those is the benefits of sleep, and another is how insomnia will affect one’s health. I was lucky to be part of the conference because of my sister. She needed to tag me along that time, and it was a very productive two days for me. Of course, I also wanted to see the beauty of Scottsdale, and yet the highlight of that short visit was the discussion.

I learned that sleep is the body’s way to repair itself and regenerate. We are using every inch of our bodies during the day. It may be softly utilized, or if you work as a laborer, carrying goods, your body is gravely used. Still, it requires an adequate amount of rest. The best way to take a rest and let the body heal from your day’s use is to close your eyes and just sleep.

The muscles, your immune system, the organs, hormones, and even the skin needs to repair. Sleep will do just that. But then again, the number of hours that your body is in sleep mode must also be observed. The number of hours in total body rest and sleep mode will vary between persons, but normally, a healthy adult needs at least seven hours.


Research says that when a person does not get the right amount of sleep each day, then, he is prone to obesity or weight issues. He will tend to eat more because he is agitated due to lack of sleep. The person will lack focus and productivity because he is sleepy during the day. His athleticism is lessened. The person will be prone to cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart failure. He will most likely contract diseases like diabetes, as well, since less sleep increases blood sugar levels. People with less sleep can trigger depression. One’s immune system is weak if they sleep less. The body will not heal faster if a person lacks sleep hours. Also, one’s emotional and social behavior is affected by sleep.

In short, insomnia or not sleeping right is terribly unhealthy. And all of the effects mentioned above are based on scientific studies. And so the question is – why do we allow this when we shouldn’t? Sleep right and be healthy is the key to long life.