Psychiatrists Recommend Lifestyle Change For People Suffering From Insomnia

Individuals experiencing constant restless and sleepless nights may feel the uneasiness of doing some tasks in the morning upon awakening.  And if the lack of sleep continues, it affects the physiological and emotional stability of the body and reduces the quality of performance of a person throughout the day.  

Most people think of insomnia as a night disorder, albeit one that can significantly affect our daytime lives. — Michael J Breus Ph.D.


Having a hard time sleeping triggers stress hormones that disarray our Circadian Rhythm that is responsible for helping our body rest. Lack of sleep and feeling of restlessness results in sleep deprivation and is commonly found as a symptom of insomnia.   

There are three complications of insomnia 

having a hard time sleeping 

waking up in the middle of REM sleep  

waking up early in the morning with the feeling of not having enough rest 


Sleep Like A Child 

If you are a person who seeks answers on how to keep your sleep pattern the way you want it to be, I recommend that you keep an open mind.   And let me remind you of how once in your life you were a child that gets to sleep whenever you want, and for a while allowing your mind to call back the time when you were always cradled.  


Fight Insomnia The Natural Way 

Here are some techniques to naturally cure insomnia. 

Change Of Diet 


Overcoming sleep deprivation requires a shift in diet, eating healthy foods rich in magnesium and potassium such as banana, nuts, and seed. Also, dropping the intake of carbohydrates and sugar that keeps your body active at night helps the body undergo sleep and rest. The reason why magnesium and potassium are the essential foods to help you sleep is that it induces naturals in the body to sustain a relaxed state and prepare your body to have a good sleep. 


Free Yourself From Stress 

Stress is the primary reason that keeps you up at night.  Your mind starts to boggle on questions, and you worry or get overwhelmed by possible events that may take place the next day. It is advisable to turn off your television and put away your gadgets at least 30 minutes before sleeping and instead focus your attention on your favorite book or even write a journal to keep your peace of mind on a relaxed state without worrying and overthinking on things you did before sleeping. It is good to write down what causes you to feel stressed – tackling problems and scheduling tasks you love to do for the week.  

Having a good mood before sleeping helps you sleep at night. When you’re happy, your body starts to release endorphins that cause the body to feel drowsy especially at night.  

 Try spraying fragrant pillow spray on your sheets, lighting a scented candle, or using a scented eye pillow. Lavender is an especially relaxing scent. — Megan MacCutcheon, LPC

Scent Of Essential Oil 


Using essential oils such as lavender oil can also help lessen sleep deprivation. You can rub it in your neck, elbow, and chin to help you smell the scent of the oil.  The aromatic compound of lavender oil helps the body to relax. You can also have a detox bath. Soak in the tub with lavender oil and calm down for a few minutes before jumping in your bed. 

 When we go to bed and get up at about the same time each day, our bodies and brains learn to expect sleep at the appropriate time. — Seth J. Gillihan Ph.D.

Lifestyle Change 

Psychiatrists recommend lifestyle change for people suffering from insomnia before prescribing them any medication to cure insomnia.   

Dramatically changing your lifestyle is the natural way of sleeping soundly at night. Above are some of the necessary techniques and lifestyles you can acquire that guarantees you to win over insomnia. As you apply these basic methods and make them a part of your way of living, you will experience once again how it feels when you were cradled and slept like a baby.