Top 7 Benefits Of Sleep


We all know that getting enough sleep is good for our body. It keeps us alive and energetic for the entire day. When this happens, there is a high tendency that we would accomplish more As long as we get enough sleep for the night, then it is guaranteed that we are going to become productive for the next day. Well, the best part of all is that this is only one of the hundreds of benefits of sleep. Here is the list:


  1. Helps Boost One’s Memory. Are you aware that during sleep, your mind is actually busy? While you are sleeping, the brain tries to strengthen the memories of the skills that you learned while you were awake. At the same time, since the mind is more relaxed, it leads to an increase in the cognitive functions of the brain.


  1. Allows One to Live Longer. The good news is that sleep has a positive effect on improving the quality of your life. It can help you feel well-rested, especially on days where you had the right number of hours for sleeping.

Data seems to show that there is a sweet spot when it comes to how much sleep is best – roughly 6 to 8 hours per night is recommended. Restricted or excessive sleep leads to health problems so it’s best to set a regular bedtime aiming for 6-8 hours of sleep per night. — SAUNDRA JAIN, MA, LPC, PSYD

  1. Reduces Risk of Heart Disease. This benefit is somehow related to the item listed above. When someone is not getting enough rest and sleep, that person has a high chance of suffering from curb inflammation. A recent study shows that those who have less than six hours of sleep per night usually have high blood levels.


  1. Makes You Creative. If you are engaged in the field of arts, then getting the right amount of sleep is quite essential for you too. A well-rested mind can think of bright ideas easily. Sleep actually allows you to become more skilled in the creative process.
  1. Places You In A Good Mood. Have you noticed that when you lack sleep, you are always cranky or too sensitive? When this happens, do not worry because there is something that you can do about it. First, take power naps in the afternoon to spike up your energy levels. Second, try to go to bed earlier than usual so that you can get a good sleep.

What was fascinating was that people had superior location memory for those images whose sounds were played during slow-wave sleep compared to those whose sounds were not played during sleep. — Anne M. Cleary Ph.D.

  1. Sharpens the Mind. Does it bother you how you quickly forget about things? Are you having troubles with remembering tasks or assignments? Is it challenging to keep your focus and attention to certain items? To solve all these problems, just take a break-even for one day and rest there.


  1. Gets You Out of Depression. If you are suffering from stress and depression, do not worry because one of its efficient remedies is within your reach. What you need to do is to take a rest. Go to sleep and work on the other matters the next day.



Countless nights’ sleep have been sacrificed to insomnia and the behaviors that maintain it. If you’re willing to risk having a few more bad nights’ sleep—for the right reasons—chances are that your sleep will be much better in pretty quick order. — Seth J. Gillihan Ph.D.

Now that you already know the benefits of sleep, it is time to make it a top priority. Stop making excuses for sleeping late. If you have insomnia, the best thing to do is to deal with it right away. Look for a professional therapist or psychiatrist who can help you with your sleeping problems.