When The Pain Just Won’t Stop

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As a student in the medical field, I was privileged to be able to attend the 2019 Headache Conference. I learned a lot about different causes and effects of having a headache. We may think that headaches are normal, especially if we are stressed. Still, we should also not forget to consult a doctor to make sure that we are diagnosed well and can be treated immediately to avoid further complications in the future.

Headache may range from mild to severe. It may be disturbing at certain times, but some headaches can be manageable and may not interfere much with your work. Headache may be due to various causes such as migraine, sinusitis, high blood pressure, sleep deprivation, eye strain, and many other causes. Brain tumors should also not be neglected whenever you feel recurring headaches. According to experts, the symptoms that you feel whenever your headache occurs help doctors determine the cause and the appropriate treatment needed for your condition. Primary headaches may be due to some tensions or chemical activity in our brain, which may sometimes result in cough headaches, exercise headaches, or chronic daily headaches. These kinds of headaches mentioned may be triggered by lifestyle factors such as alcohol, lack of sleep, skipped meals, or stress.

Source: pexels.com

There are also secondary headaches in which pain-sensitive nerves of our brain are activated. These secondary headaches may be caused by several reasons, which include acute sinusitis, blood clot, brain aneurysm, brain tumor, concussion, dehydration, encephalitis, stroke, and many others.

So, when to see a doctor? One should never neglect a headache because one cannot know if it is due to a more severe condition like stroke or meningitis. You should immediately call for emergency care when you have a severe headache accompanied by fainting, high fever, stiffness, numbness, especially on one side of the body, or vomiting. Never neglect even the slightest headache because early detention will always be much better than having to complain at a later stage already.